The Mad Scientist

Aston marinaThe turning into Aston marina doesn’t seem as narrow as when we used to bang our way in, we were really really bad at steering. A funny feeling of coming home, lovely to testing the hatch hammock see familiar faces waiting to catch the ropes. With Sue and Kev as neighbours for the weekend, it wasn’t long before the mad scientist disappeared to rummage in his boat, returning to unveil his latest invention – still to be officially named, something along the lines of ‘The Hatch Hammock’ or ‘Cruising Cradle’, a genius additional seat on any stern, it takes less that two seconds to assemble and rolls up, tucking away into the smallest space – available at pre-launch price of £34.99 plus postage…. am taking orders on behalf of Kev – just leave a cohatch hammockmment and one will be winging it’s way to you.

An unusual number of drawn curtains and people quickly disappearing into boaThe Banjo Strapsts – the surprise birthday bash stayed a surprise until Sue clocked a car park full of familiar cars…by which time she’d been ushered to the entrance of the marquee anyhow and the big SURPRISE was upon her. A great evening, hog roast and live music from The Banjo Straps.

cruising cradleWashing machine  working like crazy this morning, even indulged in a frivolous white wash, unheard of on this boat, it’ll be unusual not to sort the washing and put the white things back at the bottom of the bag. Walked Murk round the marina that he remembers like the back of his hand/paw.

4 Comments on “The Mad Scientist”

  1. Sue n Kev says:

    Fantastic to see you all n murky is just a delight! Thanks so much for calling back for the party would not have been the same without you xx

  2. Hi Both, if you could get that vibrate it would be great as one of those bottom toners! I could definitely do with one of those!! See you soon xxx

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