Castlefield, ManchesterA whole day and night plus another day of Manchester, the pieces are finally beginning to fitarches Manchester together. The free shuttle bus is proving a fantastic lazy way to explore, just get on and stay there – until the bus is parked up at the depot and the driver turfs you off, that happened yesterday. A crazy amount of things to see and do, even people watching takes on a whole new level. Out in the shadows and starry lights last night, a mini-night life dot to dot finishing off in The Alchemist – swearing not to drink today, by mid-morning we’d found ourselves in Manchester Food and Drink 2013, with free Ginger Grouse and grabbing handfuls of toothpaste samples. A Manchester hair cutwonder world of freebies, even Tweeted4aTable in Co-ops pop up restaurant…sadly no table won so they’re now most definitely unfollowed, but a great deal for the lucky winning diners.

A late afternoon wander down colourful Canal Street and along to China Manchester port holetown before a tram ride back to Castlefield. Having never had a tram ticket checked, dodge on/off temptation almost got the better of us, relieved to proudly hold our tickets out when the inspectors swept through the carriages and station – phew.  Another citGinger Grousey, another hair cut, this once defined attention to detail and took FOREVER.

Back down on the water a couple of new boats have rolled in for the weekend, the bars are heaving and police are popping up all over the place.

Just back from the Food and Drink Festival where we fell under the spell of Canal Streetyet more freebies, this time involving drinking four pints of Ginger Grouse then walking back through Manchester wearing two very obviously free hats – happy days. This woeful lack of boat movement should be rectified tomorrow, mainly due to our dwindling water supply.

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