The Underworld

Henley-on-ThamesSome votes travelled a very long way (you know who you are…  UG!), others endured a less arduous journey but each one counted and the count was good! So a massive thanks to everyone who took the trouble to vote this way…your votes go to print – September in the 2015 IWA calendar, yippeeeee….

THANKYOU!Canal Cruising dry dock

dry dock StoneIt’s not often we’re up at narrowboat ‘o’ clock but this morning there was no choice. Murk walked, bed made, showered and dazed on the tiller by 7.30am we stared ahead, astounded… beaten to the lock by a hardcore floppy hatter.

Canal Cruising was in full swing, we were soon shuffled into the dry dock watching the water drain around us. After plenty of murky water fumbles and clearish water peering the bottom of the boat in broad day light waspressure washing a lovely sight to see. No sooner had the last dregs of water disappeared down the sluice, Nick stood, all pearly white, armed with the dressed for blackinghe pressure washer. As the algae and rust flew from the hull it was reassuring to hear comments along the lines of ‘all looks alright to me,’ ‘seen a lot worse than that’ and ‘not in bad shape’. A front anode wblackingas cast adrift somewhere on our travels but the good news was we only needed two replacements, under the sternthey were soon welded in place giving us an astonishing boat total of nine anodes in various states of decay.

The warmish breeze along with towelling down soon dried the hull. Sanding followed scraping, which was followed by the first coat of gloopy black.

Filed it under ‘an experience’, Nick also muttered something about sticking pins in his eyes but we were a little premature – this whole blacking thing is almost quite fun and provides an intriguing insight into the world beneath the floor.

Canal Cruising is a beautiful higgle piggle of old buildings, living in dry dock is like sleeping in a museum. – with shoreline to boot!


while we black...while we black...while we black...







2 Comments on “The Underworld”

  1. Graham Black says:

    Em, great news. The pressure is now on for 2016. 😉

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