Trent Bridge

Holme Lock River TrentA great couple of days at the National Water Sport Centre, with impossibly green hills National Water Sports Centreand ingenious use of Trent water, it’s something like Teletubbie Land for grown-ups.

We hadn’t really planned to go any further but seeing Holme Lock any half plans were shelved. Ginormous, big enough to hold 21 double-decker buses, at the moment it stands empty. Scheduled work escalated National Water Sports Centreinto a much bigger job, planned finish is now end of May – consequently the moorings are busy with a few people moored in-line on a very long wait for the re-opening…

A bit of reverse National Water Sports Centrethen a turn in fTrent Bridgeront of the weir, we ploughed on against the flow. Having done very little upstream big river cruising (Tescos K&A onto the Thames), the pace came as a bit of a shock. Without flooring it National Water Sports Centrewe did cut through the water easily enough but the trip involved a fair bit of toe curling, willing the engine moored County Hall & Trent Bridge Nottinghamupstream. The journey was not enhanced by a burning smell wafting over the river from time to time, Murk was turfed from his bed for a quiNational Water Sports Centreck engine bay inspection at one point.

Under Trent Bridge, moored outside Country Hall before walking into Nottingham to pick up the latest myByBox, replacement ipad screen – eeek, ouch.





One Comment on “Trent Bridge”

  1. Katie Murray says:

    Hi Emma,

    I’m getting in touch from the PR company for ByBox. I’d love to talk you about your use of the myByBox lockers. Please do get in touch. (


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