Up River

moored at Trent BridgeRiver people are up so early. Rowers swished by at 6am and the trip cruiser swung into moor not long after. Left the river looking beautiful in the morning sunshine, we headed back onto the canal.

After a much needed water top up Nottingham crept past, two locks up we stopped outside Sainsbury’s – barely a boat goes by that doesn’t seem to be heading there.

A bit of a go-slow along to Beeston Lock, the washing machine was on and we figured every bit of engine power directed at the prop had to be a good thing back on the river.

Paired up with the anotNottinghamher boat the water rushed into Beeston lock, as it did some Easter break -bored to tears kids decided to lob a few stones… nNottinghamot sure they were ready for response.

The river is running slower than when we headed down, five miles against the flow passed pretty quickly, the mouth of the Erewash Canal is busier now, loads more boats out and about. With the floating pontoon moorings taken we motored back on up to Sawley Cut.

Still water, the sun had only just disappeared.


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