River Soar

River SoarWhere the Trent is big and bold the Soar seems dainty and quaint. But most places would be beautiful on a day like today.

From an explosive start next to an enormous Trent weir, the Soar soon quietens to a gentle meander though lush countryside. The water was running crazily slow and if Nicholson hadn’t kept saying otherwise it would have been easy to forget we were on a river at all.  Not exactly sure how many locks we did, a few, and despite a biNormanton on Soar - River Soart of lock buddy swapping we shared them all with another boat. Quite happy about that as they’re pretty sharp so it minimised top of boat rope clinging.

Lunch on the roof where Murk figured he’d settle down for the day but there was plenty more where his morning walk came from.

Looked to stop in Zouch, but didn’t. On through Normanton on Soar where every garden, building and inch of picket feLoughborough - River Soarnce could have won best turned out…unsurprisingly there weren’t too many visitor mooring dotted about. So we carried on through Loughborough, on and on, then on a bit more.Loughborough - River Soar

The town soon opened up to rolling countryside, water meadows and proper brick bridges. Can’t believe how much we are loving rivers – a lot has changed since we rode those red boards.


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