Not quite as frantic as the trLeicesteraumatised woman on the Rochdale 18 but not far off, dropping into Leicester we passed a hire boat – ‘Move straight on past Castle Moorings, the kids can skim stones far enough to hit your windows!’ Eeek. So we chugged on, questioning the plan for today.

A bit of rubbish here and there but not so bad, the river gave way to canal and things did get a bit mucky but on a relatively mild level. On past The Golden Mile and though Abbey Park, sweeping round past Friar’s Mill and under West Bridge the greatly anticipated Castle Moorings lay ahead, all looked good – except for the fact they were chock full.

Grand Union - Leicester BranchPulled in for lunch on the rings opposite the floating pontoon, it wasn’t long before engines fired up and boat shuffle began freeing up a space, we jumped out ready for relocation. A boat reversed back, then back a bit more – the couple on the stern smiled as though we should recognise them but nothing was registering anywhere in our brains. Turns out they knew the original owners of our boat, they lived onboard for two weeks while they moved the boat for them. It was one of those part liberating, part unsettling moments – a reminder that you’re only passing through. Lovely couple and funny to think of a whole life the boat had Grand Union - Leicester Branchlong before us…

Tied up and chatting with our new neighbours another boat soon rolled under the bridge and moored alongside. Everyone talks here, mainly about the horror stories we’ve all read and how in reality everything seems realCastle Moorings Leicesterly very lovely. Off towpath gated moorings, bins, access to Castle Park that’s locked each night – what’s not to like?

A trip into the city is only about a two-minute walk, wfat mouseave after wave of vibrant cultural and architectural mix. The market is amazing – Lois Jane, if you ever read this your great chilli jam got made again! Gave up with the glove half way through then the slow burn began…ending up with a hand dunked in a saucepan of cold water for quite a while.Lois Jane Jam

Our up close alongside neighbour dropped a bit of a bombshell when he enthused about the HWBC rally at Foxton over the Easter weekend – hmmmm that sounds like a busy one, perhaps we’ll stay this side just a little while longer.





2 Comments on “Leicester”

  1. Debbie says:

    Yes we’re reading :-). We like Leicester too, the market is great in fact that’s where the chilli’s came from for the first ever LJ chilli jam. xx

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