The Car Park

LeicesterSomehow narrowboating has wound us round a disjointed Richard III discovery trail. BosworthLeicester Battlefield Heritage Centre, actual battle site, ‘the’ car park, Bow Bridge, Richard III exhibition. It just happened like that, we’re not Ricardian nuts.

Lucky enough to find the car park gates open, it looked like any other dug up bit of tarmac, whilst being turfed out by a security guard I did mange to establish that it definitely was where the remains were unearthed. O1968nto the exhibition and then to Bow Bridge. It’s changed a bit over the years but having spent his last night in the Travelodge, Richard III  rode out over Bow Bridge, cracking a spur on a stone as he went. One gnarly old woman gloomily predicted that his head would strike the same stone on his return, which it did, unfortunately it was attached to his naked corpse slung over horseback. Yawn yawn, not one for you SFR.

Bow Bridge

Bow Bridge

Richard III car park

Richard III car park

Castle moorings continue to be brilliant apart from the bloke who scraped the entire way along the side of the boat before disappearing under West Bridge – the paint removal was met with a port-hole shout out.

Time is ticking on the mooring meter, all set for the straight mile and quite a bit more tomorrow.




2 Comments on “The Car Park”

  1. Kathryn Graves says:

    Richard does have a way of getting to people.Glad you enjoyed your time in Leicestershire. Sorry about the paint.Enjoy the rest of your journey x

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