AylestoneLeaving Leicester we headed out on the straight mile. Rowers, joggers, cyclists, everyone was Eastering out and about. A few wrist snapping, shoulder wrenching locks thenEaster Kilby Bridge on through Aylestone. In the days before environment agency and legislation the Wigston dye works pumped excess dye water through the sewage treatment works, it was spewed out a few miles up in Aylestone producing and inky black ribbon of water, a sinister looking stretch that nobody wanted to boat or be. All much cleaner today, in fact the whole Leicester experience wKilby Bridge servicesas practically murk free.

Blaby Bridge

Blaby Bridge


Quick mid-lock lunch, then more of the same – the locks continued to be tough going, and pretty much all against us. Past Glen Parva, through Blaby and South Wigston before a water fill at Kilby Bridge. Despite few moorings at Castle Gardens boat turnover  in Leicester is steady, hardly anyone seems Kilby Lock Bridgeto over stay which is pretty unusual for a city. Counting the miles on the map water might be the reason why…20 miles and a lot of locks between the last water point in Barrow Upon Soar and Kilby Bridge.

One last lock for the day then tied up on a stretch with beautiful views over fields of lambs, oh and a hireboat cannon firing from the top of the next lock… since pitching up they’ve come thick and fast, at all sorts of terrifying angles.



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