Wistow In Yellow

Grand Union - Leicester BranchIt was a swift trip up to Wistow thanks to eight guys on a hireboatGrand Union Leicester Branch sharing the locks. What they lacked in skill (little things like winding paddles with boats half in locks and back gates still open) they made up for in strength – ten or so locks flew by without too much windlass contact.

With golden fields stretching forever, Chandlers ShearsbyWistow made the perfect Easter hideout, not a main stop on any cruising ring we hardly had a neighbour. The garden got a £6 makeover, that’s that done for this year. It’s also had an upgrade to the roof which will put an end to Nick yelling at it on the bow everytime Wistow, Easter Sundaywe moor up. Oh yikes, plants on the roof…things are slipping.

We set about finding a really tricky bridge for Auntie P and moored at Wistow, Grand Union Leicester BranchUncle D to pick us up from. With no sat nav assistance we had them circling the area for a while, befriending the locals, posting photo fits, sending up flares etc. Lovely to catch up with everyone after suchTaylor's Turnover Lock - Grand Union a long time – a quick drink back at the boat resulted in one boaty convert and two in the ‘floating caravan’ Swiss Family camp. Yes, for sure, we’ll meet at another bridge before too long!

A trip upto Foxton today, the usual…lockside horses?? Eeek it looked so wrong but the owner was merrily muck picking and seemed pretty happy with the whole deal.

Through Saddington Tunnel then out into very green rolling countryside. The sky grew dark and arriving at Foxton we decided to moor up and climb the flight in the morning.



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