Grand Union Leicester BranchMist rolled over the hills as we untied from the forgotten rusted rings. More glorious countryside, never ending waves of cowslips, rape, primroses, bluebells, lambs, calves – perhaps there’s one long backdrop continually looping round.

Sunshine by the time we passed Yelvertoft marina, we liked it last year and it looked just as Crick Tunnelmellow today.Crick

On into Crick, after a big Leicester stock up the fridge keeps churning out meal after meal and is showing no sign of slowing up, so with barely more than a Co-op alcohol top up we pushed off again.boat passing in Crick Tunnel

Soon approaching Crick tunnel, a tiny starburst deep in the gloom slowly grew brighter until we crossed boats with a blinding light show. It was pretty wet in therCrick Tunnele today. Out in daylight, Murk emerged from the boat blinking his usual disorientated traumatised post-tunnel display. He hates them and heads straight for his bed as soon as he realises one is happening to him again.

Beautiful mooring tonight: ducklings, lambs and a couple of ducks who, with not much else on, are waiting by the hatch for more bread and look stubborn enough to wait all night.


2 Comments on “Starburst”

  1. Wendy says:

    You’ve done a brilliant job on promoting Leicestershire Em – Steve thinks it’s all socks and chimneys! xx

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