Busying Up

Watford LocksIt’s getting busy. With more windlasses than paddles, Watford Locks felt like potternarrowboat speed dating. We did our stint with the upcoming boats then shuttled down spending a few minutes getting to know someone new positioned on each gate. Flight complete we’d subconsciously made note of potential double lock buddies or the more serious long-term commitment of a moor alongside. Mrs Jones exploded at the lock keeper after Braunston Tunnelwaiting too long, her virtual feedback might not make happy reading.

All a bit gloomy as we chugged on, lunch on the roof – not the sunny, relaxed, laid out type but the we’ve barely moved an inch all morning sortBraunston Tunnel

A right hand turn away from London we motored on into Braunston Tunnel, disappearing into darkness the rain began to hammer down. Flips, it was busy in there, we were one of three and had two coming at us. Lights dartingmoored at Braunston about all over the place, disorienting on a normal run, one oncoming guy decided to wear a hard lamp…and then bob about all over the place – if you fancy messing with boaters’ heads this is a pretty good way to do it, out the other end nobody had a scooby what had been going down in there.

Word they'd weighed in finally reached 'the' village...Cambridge again next year Sar?! x

Word they’d weighed in finally reached ‘the’ village…Cambridge again next year Sar?! x

Shared Braunston Locks with a lovely couple – she’d spent the entire tunnel cleaning their bathroom as they totally terrify her. Raining hard enough to stop anything being fun by the time we moored.

A sad day for Swiss Family R – short arms and deep pockets are no longer a problem with new fangled elec-tron-ic money tranfers…pigs really do fly.





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