Bancroft BasinThe sun was cracking the roof and pumping through the solar panel before we woke. People soon started arriving, more and more andStratford-upon-Avon more until the basin heaved. There’s a lovely thing going on down here, boats bobbing about, musicians dotted around and everyone mainly looking very happy.

Shakespeare's birthplace and childhood home

Shakespeare’s childhood home


A walk along the river where hire boats were all hired out and the chain ferry shipped people from one river bank to the other for the bargain price of 50p.

Nash's house

Nash’s house

The walk to Anne Hathaway’s House was quite a way, Shakespeare definitely put in the effort for that one. Unbelievably English – babbling brook, country gardens, thatched roof, timber frame, cute little windows and air heavy with Wisteria, it had it all going on. Back in the town Nash’s house and Shakespeare’s childhood home had tours snaking through non-stop.

Anne Hathaway's house

Anne Hathaway’s house

A few departures and a couple of arrivals today but still plenty ofRoyal Shakespeare Company room in the basin. A 70ft stag filled Anglo Welsh has River Avonjust rolled in to a frosty welcome from the boat they moored alongside, something along the lines of  a very loud, ‘You’re too close, reverse, reverse reverse, I can see you’re drinking beer!’ Luckily the guy answered with the calmness of a surgeon and tucked the whole 70ft away without so much as a bump. He he.

Early one as Stratford by night will be out there soon.