Time Machines

Stratford festival of motoringMore sunshine and plenty more action here in Stratford. Stratford festival of motoring

The Stratford Festival of Motoring mean1907 Bianchit road closures to the modern world, replaced with a racetrack for the past. The earliest car we spotted was a 1907 Bianchi, previously owned by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. All shapes, all sizes and vivid colours – amazing to think of all the lives they’ve lived. A carnival feel accompanStratford festival of motoringied theStratford festival of motoring - Dorothy cars – steel bands, market stalls, car demos, off-road experiences, luvvies fresh from the boards…brilliantly vibrant.

Back in narrowboat world the water pump had begun dripping a bit too much, so out it came. Once inside the casing it was clear the seal had come away, so quite a bit of glue, mastic and tape later, it was back and water tight – only problem being therMGe’s so mucMGh gunk on there that there’s no way it’s ever coming apart agStratford festival of motoringain, a spare might be the way forward.

A hefty lock safety reminder this evening. Blue lights, sirens and the whirring of the air ambulance blades suddenly altered the relaxColin P. Witter Lock Stratford-on-Avoned vibe down along the river meadow. Crowds gathered to see emergency services attenwater pumpding a pretty nasty looking incident at Colin P. Witter Lock on the Avon.