River Avon

Bancroft BasinLicense displayed we left Brancroft Basin, it was well before ten but the crowds were already hanging over the bridge. Out onto the river we motored across to the waterpoint. On then, through Colin P. Witter lock where everyone suddenly disappeared. The bustle of Stratford River Avonsoon felt far away as trees and bushes came thick and fast. Signs of how ferociously the water sometimes runs are here and there in the odd bit of rubbish caught high up in branches, for the most part you wouldn’t know you were on a river at the moment.

Down a couple of locks where we had lunch and gained an extrColin P. Witter Lock - River Avona dog for a walk over the fields. A spin round before heading back up river. Being a river it’s not a tie up where ever you fancy deal out here. Moorings are spottable a mile off as they’re all designed with flood in mind, tall poles with rings that slide up with the water. Sleeping at Luddington tonight, very quiet other than water crashing down the weir.

VIP arriving tomorrow!