Rain On River

River Avon at StratfordThe trip down river and plan to collect Mummy didn’t quite work out when it wasn’t possible to moor near the car park. So, back up The Avon, under Clopton Bridge where the river begins to narrow…trees lay across the water practically blocking the path with ‘NO HIRE BOAT’ signs strung through theoutside Hall's Croft branches, no overnight mooring, pretty grotty services – oh and some very expensive looking houses, surprise surprise. Fine by us, the car park was great, we didn’t want to stop the night and a couple of trees weren’t a problem – other than when I got us stuck on the bank.

Bancroft BasinMummy and a crazy amount of food and drink onboard we set off for a very windy Stratford river experience. Up into the basin taking turns with another boat to try to moor, both abandoning first attempts and circling for a second, somehow Nick ended up on the wrong boat.

The bow thruster brushes had begun to stick a little so that got aLuddington - River Avon makeover, sadly one loose wire blew the 250A fuse – now getting by on a patch of 30A until the replacement arrives.

The weather just about held out for Shakespeare’s houses and a visit to Holy Trinity church for Shakespeare’s tomb (fee!). A lovely two days, waved goodbye to Mummy this morning – pondering thoughts of Romeo and Juliet by Francis Bacon and The Eagle landing in Hollywood. Sure you’re up for this SFR??!

The rain came down. Unsure how much The Avon can take before water levels begin creeping, we tentatively headed down river, at a fair pace. Luddington re-visited tonight. The rain can stop now please.