Sitting Duck

River AvonIt’s a shame photos don’t show the wind as these are windy ones. A River Avonbracing few miles down to Barton today. Barely another boat out here. Some lovely countryside, although the banks of The Avon are pretty high so some of it passes us by.Billington Lock at Barton Downstream, it didn’t take long before reaching Billington Lock at Barton. Great moorings, beautifully maintained and a short walk into Bidford-on-Avon.

We did the loop…in readiness for the arrival. Campsite found – amazed to see some other mad campers. Playground located with some quite terrifying climbing equipment – perfect for four and seven year olds. Child friendly pub booked. Despite the howling wind, this is the quiet before the storm.


One Comment on “Sitting Duck”

  1. You are so rude!!! Preparing the girls to do their worst….you will be frozened by Sunday!!! X

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