Big Meadow Giants

SFR deliver!Ordinarily pretty easy-going about where we moor, yesterday morning was a whole different kettle of fish. The SFR wagon was fully loaded and heading our way – the clockSFR in Bidford-on-Avon was ticking, pressure was on, we had to secure a Bidford-on-Avon Big Meadow mooring. Down river, under the bridge the sight of full moorings came as a massive blow…there was only one option, pull up across the water and sit it out. It wasn’t too long before a SFR ATMcruiser began untying, barely away from the rings we steamed towards it, the mooring was nowhere near long enough but that could be sorted later, it was possiBidford ble to access the play equipment from the boat which was all that counted. Little did we realise who’d enjoy it the most.

So it happened. They arrived. Fast out-growing the wagon, mini Swiss Family Robinson, flung open the doors, touDanski in children's play areached down and headed straight for the park. Who wants to see a boat anyway? It soon became apparent that the fully grown SFR liked the idea of the play equipment too. Unsure to begin with but we both thought we saw a glimmer of life in what are usually dull, vacant, village institutionalised eyes. SFR were out, and they were going to enjoy it. Who Bidfordcares if the equipment is designed for children up to the age of 14?

By mid-afternoon it seemed a good idea to pitch the tent in the howling wind. They shrugged their shoulders, ‘Well, we’ll check the site out, see what we think.’ Errr, pardon? It’s not really an optional thing – you’re not apitch by nightll sleeping on the boat. Turns out SFR are campsite connoisseurs. ‘What the…? A few too many white vans, dogs on leashes, not for us…’ they said. ‘So where are you sleeping?’ ‘We’ll just pitch up next to you.’ Oh brilliant. Nice. Besides, who cares if the meadow sign says no camping?

So having booked and unbooked most pubs/restaurants in Bidford-on-happy campersAvon (plus one accidental booking in Hereford), we settled on a take-away Eurovision party. Eventually sending the giants out into darkness at 2am.

Barely a boat went past which was a good job as the gedepartureneral rocking motion was almost too much for one hung-over member this morning. Fun fun fun: apple bobbing, endless card games, dvds, bubble blowing, colouring, treasure hunting and hours in the park – the children enjoyed the trip too. That zip-wire is still smoking.