Eveshambow thruster fuseLeaving Bidford with the bow thruster re-fused it wasn’t long until we caught up with the hire boat that moored in front of us last night. A few shared locks before we stopped for lunch in the middle of the Vale of Evesham – wide water, beautiful meadows and bright green trees. On to Evesham Lock where lunch on River Avonwe caught our lock buddies up again, they’d had a fun half hour having missed the lock and performing a hectic weir turn to come back for another go.

Arriving under handsome Workman Bridge, Evesham loEveshamoked promising. There were plenty of free moorings by the park…then we noticed clusters of beer can sunny park dwellers…a few blatantly positioning theLock Keeper's house Eveshammselves to gawk into the boat. We untied. A few hundred yards down river was too far for them to walk and we found some less obvious moorings hidden away under the trees, wished Murk luck and headed out.River Avon

It wasn’t quite what we’d expected. Flickers of Evesham’s heyday are there in the buildings and the beautiful town square but it all seems a bit lost. Hard to believe Stratford is riCraycombe Turn moorings - River Avonght next door, the two places couldnt be more different. Anyhow, every cloud etc… there was a Savers, an Aldi and even a Home Bargains so we stocked up on the boring life stuff, lugged it back through the park and pushed off.

Two locks on and everything had changed. Amazing countryside busting with life, not a soul around and some of the most idyllic moorings so far on The Avon.