Blue Sky Avon

River Avon at PershoreToday felt very un-English from start to finish. With blue sky and fluffy white clouds, the water was still and everythingleaving Wyre Piddle Island - River Avon burst with colour. Not one boat passed in either direction during our stay on Wyre Piddle Island, meaning the lock was still for us this morning. A drop down and a little further on we tied up at Pershore. Market day was in full swing, an accordion sounded through the streets, a few people cycled on proper old bicycles and the buildings looked quite French. Amazing what a fewPershore balconies do – according to Nick.

Back to the boat for a water fill and then lunch below the lock. Nearing the end of The Avon now and after quite a bit of deliberating it wins best river award so far, rolling countryside studded with Stratford, Bidford, Pershore and Eckington BridgeTewkesbury, pretty good going. Also agreed it wouldn’t be much fun on amber let alone red boards as some of the lock turning/weir combinations are bunglingly twisted.

Moored twice this evening, the sunshine meant a few more cruisers tied up here and there and before we knew it next stop was Tewkesbury. So we headed back up river, tied up at the old sanitary station – not so bad as it sounds, all the clobber has gone, all that remains are the mmoored by Eckington Bridgeooring bollards and an overgrown patch of stingers…3G great, TV reception brilliant, view across the hills…and then there was Murk who looked pretty disgusted with his deal. So in an attempt to find him the kind of outdoor space he feels he deserves we de-camped and set off again – eventually mooring by Eckington Bridge. Bloody dog but beautiful evening to travel.