Eckington BridgeThe last stretch of The Avon was just as lovely as the rest. Tewkesbury AbbeyStill hardly any boats about,Tewkesbury Abbey we’ve probably seen 12 or so on the move since leaving Stratford, even the lock keeper at Tewkesbury says it’s crazy quiet.

Drifting down past Tewkesbury Marina we were the black sheep amongst masses of cruisers. No problem finding a mooring down by Avon Lock. Up past the old flour mill is the town. A magnificTewkesburyent building, the Abbey onlTewkesbury - end of The Avony survived the monastic dissolution of 1540 thanks to the people of Tewkesbury who paid Henry VIII £453 – the cost of the lead and the bells at the time.

Old timber buildings slot together making an interesting high street, the river sits tucked behind the main action but regular boat trips shuttle along and plenty of people wander through.

Walked across Severn Ham to take a look at the Severn…hard to imagine the whole lot was well under water just a few weeks ago.


2 Comments on “Tewkesbury”

  1. Steve says:

    Any idea why it is so quiet? nb Sanity Again blog has mentioned the same. Thanks, Steve

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