Spring Tide

Avon LockNick had gonAvon Lock hute a little quiet and tabs on the iPad included river bores, spring tides, sea levels and other unsettling phrases. The lock keeper puffed out his cheeks, frantically flicking through his tide-time booklet…’Well you’ll be on the spring tide so if you leave here at two you should be down in Gloucester by five – don’t miss the lock orafter the flood you’ll be over the weir.’ No we won’t.

A quick google of Gloucester Dock, we decided to stay put and enjoyAbbey Mill Tewkesbury a sunny day in Tewkesbury, plans to take the boat back to Shepherds Patch – the name it originally wore will have to wait. It’s too summery for the umpteen Murk in The Severnswing bridges on the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal right now, oh yes and there was that spring tide too.

Friday meant marina fresh boats arrived all set for a couple of days out. Moorings are chock, even witnessed one entertaining mooring space argument. Finally found a purpose for Murk – testing the flow on The Severn. He earned his brown balls tonight.