Joining Up The Dots

Worcester BridgeThat Worcester mooring was a good thing. Reluctantly pulled the ropes and left a gaMurk on River Severnping hole just waiting to be swallowed up. Under Worcester Bridge, up past the race course and out onto long, Lock on The Severnbig stretches of river. Gloomier today but still dry and hardly a breath of wind.

Effectively no official visitor moorings between Worcester and Stourport, we’re getting used to it but it’s a stark contrast to canal life where the chance to moor is pretty much round every corner. Locks are a breeze though, just roll up, wait for the flashing red light Upper Severn Bridge no.1 into Stourport Basin(meaning the lock is being prepared) then the green light followed by huge gates effortlessly opening like curtains. Easy as.

Stourport bottom lock today

Stourport bottom lock today

Three locks and twelve miles later, we began to recnognise the view ahead. It’s been a big loop – including Kinver, Penkridge, Great Haywood, Fradley, Sawley Cut, Nottingham, Leicester, Stratford, Tewkesbury, Worcester but we’ve come full circle ending up back where we were in January – the river looks alot calmer now.

Stourport bottom lock January

Stourport bottom lock January


Up through the narrow locks and into the Basin, lucky to find the last mooring, we wasted no time connecting water, electricty and getting an enormous thrill out of hearing the washing machine workStourport Basinsing without the sound of the engine. Even our water proof coats got washed, that’s never happened before.

The network seems to be joining up at a great pace now making narrowboat world seem smaller. Quite bonkers how many places we know how to find a supermaket in.


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