Race Stop

Stourport Basin in the morningAfter a still hazy start, today burst into life. Stourport’s mix of finest GeorgianStourport Basin in the morning architecture, fun fair and maze like basin formation is a curious concoction that provides a great place to stay then kicks you out afterwards feeling slightly bewildered but happy to have been there.

Stourport BasinsThe river looked like a mill-pond and the sun broke through making a beautiful few hours out on the wide water. The locks popped up pretty quicklyDragon Boat - River Severn downstream and in what felt like no time we were free wheeling, standing on the roof trying to catch a glimpse of the 5.40 Worcester Racesat Worcester. The racecourse moorings scream narrowboat freebie. Tie up, stand on the rail for the first four races then enjoyWorcester Races free admission (programme included) for the remainder of the card. Nick thinks we should own a horse moored at Worcester Races one day.

The dragon boats have disappeared, so have the rowers and the racecourse is plunged into darkness leaving just us and the river…and a dog in a garden not far enough away that is mindlessly barking non-stop. Word from the lazy boy is ‘Two ropes and we’re away’.