Night Rain Brain

Crayola on bridgeThe sound of rain on the roof usually makes bed a lovely place to be, but last night it had us peering out the port hole. Warnings of rain in WalesWorcester Cathedral combined with the deluge in Worcester played all sorts of tricks on our night time brains – flash flooding, rising up above the racecourse moorings etc… With plans to set off at first light we eventually fell asleep and woke again at 7.30.

King John's tomb

King John’s tomb

Out on the stern feeling jetlagged we looked at the water and realised night time had conjured all sorts of horrific river conditions that were nowhere to be seen in daylight. Into Diglis Lock, where four Crayola crayons crossed the bridge, making an even more trippy start to the day.

Prince Arthur's tomb

Prince Arthur’s tomb

Back on canals the water wasn’t flowing but the rubbish was. Moored above Diglis Basin for coffee and an early Worcester Cathedralmorning trip to the Cathedral. Look away now SFR…

Within a few feet of each other lie the tombs of King John and Prince Arthur.

During down time from trying to hold onto France and crypt - Worcester Cathedralsigning the Magna Carta, King John spent time there and enjoyed hunting in nearby Kinver.

Son of Henry VII, Prince Arthur”s birth symbolised the end of the Wars of the Roses, by the time he was three his marriage was in the planning and he was formally bethrothed to Catherine of Aragon at the age of 11. Then he died, aged 15, leaving lucky Catherine the job of marrying his brother Henry VIII. One of the most important monastic cathedrals in the country, the monastery continued until 1540 when Henry VIII wasted no time dissolving it, ordering some of the last monks to become Dean and Chapter. Worcester and Birmingham Canal

…and we’re back in the room SFR.

Up a lock, pulled over for a quick Asda dash across the bridge. On and out, a stormy Worcester disappeared behind us as we crept up from the urban, out into the greenery.