Tardebigge Flight

bent mooring chainthree wheeler rallyInspecting the bent mooring chain this morning did nothing to alleviate our fear of yellow boats.

An epic 42 locks just sort of happened, we’d planned a fairly cushy 12 locks and four miles, but at lunchtime we topped with water and looked at the moorings next to the three wheeler rally, then up at the clear run ahead and thought, ‘Why not?’

The longest flight in the country isn’t all singing all dancing, there aren’t swarWorcester and Birmingham canalms of volunteers, not even an information board – instead the beginning is pretty tranquil and stays that way.

Beautiful countryside, the locks are quaint – although the paddles are beyond stiff, according to Nick each one Tardebigge Bottom Lockonly involves ‘two seconds of pain and then you’re away’…which is true, if you can budge them at all. So it was a pretty long day for Nick who ended up doing practically all the flight of 30 (plus the previous 12). With a fair few Bank Holiday Sunday gongoozlers about we managed to recruit a bit of free lock labour, anyone who came near this boat today had a windlass Lock Keepers Daughter's Lock Cottage - Tardebigge flightlaunched their way.

Up past the Lock Keepers Daughter’s Lock House, setting of the enchanting autobiography by Pat Warner.

Originally a temperamental boat lift, at around 11ft the top lock is deeper than the rest. The weather improved throughout the flight Tardebigge Top Lockand we finished the afternoon in sunshine. With an incredibly fortunate run of locks in our favour we emerged from Tardebigge Top Lock 3 hrs 18 mins after entering the bottom one.

Tardebigge done.



One Comment on “Tardebigge Flight”

  1. Wendy says:

    I think a rest is in order today – enjoy! We are off to Highclere in the rain! x

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