Green And Twisted

Shropshire UnionThe previous times we travelled the Shropshire Union we kept finding ourselvesShropshire Union involved in conversations with people who enthused, ‘Oh lovely tropical paradise,’ or ‘Fantastic, Shroppie Tropics.’ We’d smiled back, secretly wondering what planet they were on…things look quite different in January, which made for a very pleasant surprise today. Foliage twisting and turning itself inside out, round and round creating a tropical snow globe. Time drifted under dappled sunlight, winter mooring spots were unrecognisableShropshire Union crossing Watling Street way below the undergrowth.

A water and lunch stop below the only lock of the day, when Murk wandered up, puked on my Birkenstocks – before wandering off agShropshire Unionain, job done.

Finally had our leafyShropshire Union fill for the day, so pulled over in time for the last IPL, cake making, boat washing and a unusually successful BBQ. The solar stars have just come to life, latest recorded time so far. Evenings are beginning to stretch into night.


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