Shropshire UnionThe solar panel was putting in over 11 amps this morning meaning the batteries wereShropshire Union topped right up by the time we woke. Taking turns at the tiller we showered on the move which is still the strangest thing to me. Norbury Junction was busy with what seemed like boats poking out from just about every angle. The cuttings are long and narrow and with a fair amount of Tyrley Wharftraffic around they involved lots of pulling over, shuflfing about and rewinding. The sky darkened as we finally emerged from Woodseave Cutting, the rain came pelting down making our minds up not to continue down the Tyrley Locks today. Some very soggy boaters pulled in infront of us about half an hour ago – yuck. Dodgy 3G so this may never appear.


One Comment on “Rewind”

  1. Hi Emma,

    Someone sent me this link yesterday and I have to say I loved reading your blog. I feel like I’m there with you. Currently I am undertaking a project with ByBox to get more people using the lockers and would love to have a chat/coffee at some point to chat more about your experience of doing so.

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