NantwichSomewhere between Audlem and Nantwich we lost a day – Nick’s blaming the week of course, but the end result is that we’ve been putting in a few miles to get where we want to be. Not such a bad thing as the weather is hardly June and we’ve covered this water Middlewichquite a bit before. Nantwich was jam-packed when we stopped at the services yesterday lunch time, before moving onto the mooring rings by Aqueduct marina last night.

The rain looked as though it might have finally given up this morning. A few miles on and we were into Middlewich. One happy boater yelled, ‘I’ve just come up the locks, so they’re all against you’…and off he went chuckling to himself. Thanks for that then.

A lunch stop before quick food dashLion Salt Works and then on for a few more miles. Lovely Bramble Cutting was busy so we passed that by, far fewer boats about the higher up The Trent and Mersey we travelled.

Lion Salt works is part way through what looks like a massive transformation to turn the place into a heritage centre. Fishery, bay, crystal and lump salt was produced on the site between the 1840s-1986. The salt was pumped as raw brine, evaporated in large ironMurk pans, crystals were raked into blocks and dried in brick stove houses. The canal was the beginning of a very long journey for the salt blocks, which were exported to India, Canada and West Africa.

Another water top up at Anderton Services wherFlye is was great to meet someone who has followed our travels via the blog. Hope you have a lovely summer Jennifer and although not likely now you have your own boat, if you ever need a boat/house swap then Tasmania sounds perfect to us! You can have the dog too.

Round the bend we found another surprise. Fly no42. THE boat we wanted but was sold by the time we were finally ready to buy one. It’s the boat next door tonight.


One Comment on “Anderton”

  1. Hi Emma

    Did you get an ice cream from Snugbury’s and do the T-Junction on the canal… both are pretty awesome. I used to live in Nantwich and still visit often.

    Enjoy the weekend


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