The Dark Side

GeocacheSlightly off topic but we found a whole new world today. We weren’t even looking for it but scrolling for an entirely different app, Geocaching popped up – it seems we’re a little late to the party as the concept was born in May 2000. Anyhow, one download led to an earth shattering realisation…there’s treasure hiddenGeochache pretty much all around, millions of people are into it and it leaves you wondering what other undiscovered worlds seemingly normal people are caught up in. Oh and to top it all the National Trust is in on the deal too. After the initial shock of discovering our first ‘cache’ anything was 2106possible, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise to find there’s a whole language that accompanies the past time too…muggle, TNLN, geocoin, DNF signature item, BYOP, the list is long.Geocache

So all this time the people we thought were gongoozlers have been watching us muggles – just wishing we’d chug on by a bit quicker and free them up to find a cache. Definitely on the nerdy side of life but for once it’s an addictive activity that’s doesn’t leave you fat, broke, hungover or in prison.

Back on planet earth, just before the big wire cutting moment, Nick managed to fix the Eberspacher. Mucky thermostat sensor bungs this time – so maybe it doesn’t mind our early morning hot water regime? We’ll blow it up before too long, that’s for sure.