Off The Top

Foulridge WharfThe traffic ligFoulridge Tunnelhts on Foulridge Tunnel are only green for ten minutes every hour, we waited a while then headedGreenberfield Lock into the mass of stalactites. In 19buttercup12 a cow called Buttercup fell in at the tunnel entrance, rather than clambering out she decided to swim the entire 1640 yards before being hauled out the other end and revived with a drink at the local pub. Nothing so dramatic kicking off today.

A water stop beforeBarnoldswick continuing on thrLeeds and Liverpoolough the green hills of Salterforth. A diesel top up at Lower Park Marina where we pulled over for lunch and walked up into Barnoldswick. The town is set up on the hill, nobody seems to be in that much of a rush and there are plenty of traditional shops.

Arriving at Greenberfield Lock we beLeeds and Liverpoolgan to drop from the summit. It feels high and there are mountains in the distance but reality is that the summit of The Leeds and Liverpool is only 34ft higher than Gas St Basin, Birmingham.  The rolling hills, winding roads, humpback bridges and twisty water all looks lifted from Postman Pat. Unbelievably quiet with hardly any boats on the move, just a dry stone wall for a neighbour tonight.



2 Comments on “Off The Top”

  1. Julia Forsyth says:

    I love that stretch of the Leeds Liverpool up to Skipton, if you like a good walk try the one from Gargrave ( beautiful spot) to Malham, gets deep into limestone country & there is a bus back – through infrequently if my memory serves me right.

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