Day Of Dance

Skipton cowHikers trudged past early this morning, shortly followed by the jingle jangle of morris dancers. By the time weSkipton sheep  set off in search of Sharp Haw, Skipton’s day of dance was in full swing: beating drums, whooping, accordions, the cracking of sticks. The sound of summer solstice celebrations followed as we climbed the hill to look back on Skipton far below.

Murk on stone wallAccording to Happy Hiker the route, complete with trig. point is a great hiking introduction for Sharp Haw - Skiptonchildren who get to conquer a mountain which in reality is a mere pimple at only morris dancers Skipton1171ft. Really?? It felt like quite a way. A great walk, the views over Gargrave and all around were spectacular.

Arriving back in the town centre, Flagcrackers of morris dancers SkiptonCraven had gathered in the canal basin for the grand finale, an explosion of sinister rhythmic beats, darkmoored in Skipton costumes and a flurry of boats drifting past the peculiar merriment. All pretty odd and a perfect way to remember the longest day.


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