Skipton Pressed

Springs Branch Leeds and LiverpoolThe sun always shines in Skipton. Day four and all the different bits are linking up in the way places doDerdlab Press - Skipton after a while of being there. Castle Woods took another Murkster hit…he’s becoming a pain in the way he does after four days anywhere, thinking he knows the best routSkiptone everywhere and heading to water whenever he possibly can.

The town stays alive for Sunday. We found Derdlab Press, a treasure trove of printing blocksHigh Corn Mill - Skipton, letters and presses. It’s a pop up shop, not sure when it popped up or how long it will be there but the printing is beautiful, orders are taken for invitations/posters etc and for £30 you can even have a go yourself.Skipton

A bit of a reluctant trip to Morrisons as stocking up means we’re set to leave tomorrow. Skipton has been great but even narrowboaters have dates to keep…