York MinsterJust a short walk along the river before the bank turns sandy, makinStonegate devilg a great dog swim area. All swum out Murk got shut away and we headed into York. A medieval maze of twists and turns: the most haunted city, oldest shopping street, home to planning of the Gunpowdmorris dancers Yorker Plot – York has more than it’s fair share of claims to fame, and for now it’s all turned yellow, which will be another to add to the list.

Named after the endless loads of limestone that were hauled over the cobbles on their way up from The Ouse to build York Minster, Stonegate was home to Guy Fawkes. Goldsmiths, glass painters and printers also left their marks throughout the centuries. The Red Devil perched above no. 33 is a reminder of printers once there – various print devil theories exist but the idea of a special devil haunting every print shop and playfully performing mischief such as inverting type, misspelling words ro even removing whole lines of text from completed type hGray's Courtas ot be the truth.

At 3.4km long York city walls are the longest Medieval town walls in England, Gray's Courtviews over the Minster and Gray’s Court, a lovely looking hotel with a ridiculous amount of history, ‘Dukes, Earls, Kings, Queens, Cromwell’,  and like most other places in York a few ghosts have been reported knocking about the place.

RoYork Minster Murkwers and trip boats mean there’s always plenty going on out on the water. Early evening sunshine, Cathedral bells and York outside meant watching shots of Rio de Janeiro beach felt plain wrong so we headed back out moored on Ouse at Yorkwith Murk in tow.

Loving York, today involved so much walking that the top of our bodies feel like they’ve slid down into our legs.