Meat Street

YorkThe shower taps have been leaking on and off…behaving whenever the boat passed anywherewalking the wall York near a plumb shop and spurting all over the place whenever it didn’t. Flicking the main switch for the water pump before turning any tap on was getting a bit much so Nick headed off (four miles!) to fix the problem and I took Murk for a swim. Taps sorted, the water pump is permanently back on – getting water from a tap suddenly feels so easy.

The remainder of the wall was out there waiting to be walked so we Shamblesdid it. Looping back throShamblesugh the winding streets an excited murmur of anticipation had started to build. Crowd barricade fencing is stretching out, electric hook ups are looped through trees, shops are putting finishing touches on their explosive yellow window displays, houses are getting le tour makeovers too.

Another evening walk, this time back through The Shambles. Mentioned in the DYorkoomsday Book, most existing buildings are from the 15th century, it’s figured to be  the best kept Medieval street in the world. Originally a street of butchers shops and houses, slaughter houses were out back, pavements were raised up above the cobbles allowing blood to be washed away twice weekly – ew. The overhanging timber-framed buildings protected lower wattle and daub walls and also shielded meat from sunlight. Meat hooks remain here and there.tour bunting

Raining on the river tonight, think we might be a little far north for some of the scorching weather promised on the news.



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