MallardThings are busying up and neighbours seemed inevitable, so, spotting a suitable crew we wavbullet splated them over, helped them moor etc… then the bow doors opened and the childrenmallard july 3 1938 appeared…it was a bit late for an exchange, but they seem the nice variety of children so as neighbours go we have good ones – they came complete with extra chain ammo too, which is no bad tMallard 3rd Julyhing with the weekend approaching.

The National Railway Museum was on the York hit list, we walked over the river andbullet train up the hill. Not really train anoraks but the scale of the place and the layers of historQueen Victoria's carriagey crammed inside is mind-blowing. With exhibits ranging from Queen Victoria’s carriage that was pulled by extra shiny flagship bullet train cctvengines to a 1960’s Japanese Bullet Train it’s a great illustration of how trains have evolved over the years. It seems they’re generally built not to last so long anymore, and the display of how the food served has changed was a sorry sight… lunch was once served with grape scissors and nut crackers.

MallarLNERd pullman to parissat motionless, a far cry from this day in 1938 when it thundered along Stoke Bank near Grantham, Lincolnshire, at 126mph – a speed that remained unmatched by any steam locomotive for three-quarters of a century. Brilliant exhibition centred around an old locomotive turntable.Pullman

Back on the river the wind has picked up blowing warm air National Rail Museumand sand around in an Arabian nights kind214 of way – except there are no magic lamps, snake charmers, belly dancers, sequins or spice, just Nick brushing down the bow trying to convince himself that sand isn’t as bad as the dust in Bradford-on-Avon.


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