York Life

Betty's Tea Rooms Yorkmoored in YorkIt doesn’t take long to look beyond the Minster, monasteries, and Medieval splendor in search of PoundGuy Fawkes born hereland. Sure enough York has several versions so we stocked up on usual life stuff, before heading out past the city wall for Halfords to finally exchange the phone holder bought in Blackburn, when we were unfortunate enough to pick what was probably the only one to have a bizarre hole drilled in the suction pad. On non-sight seeing days York life is just like any other except routes to get toothpaste or a box of firelighters pass by places like Guy Fawkes place of birth, Micklegate Bar da-sandingand Betty’s tea rooms, which is nice.

Warm and breezy but nowhere near London temperatures, the contrast made crystal clear by people sitting with t-towels on their heads at WimYork marketbledon. By mid afternoon Nick was slightly freaking out, sand whipping past the windows in great clouds had crept just about everywhere, even our teeth crunched. Luckily the rain arrived to dampen the storm sosand the boat got a wash down and surfaces well wiped. Moving for water isn’t so easy with a boat moored alongside plus numerous chains holding everything where it should be. Eight 15L walks to the water point seemed the best way forward – a trek made easier thanks to the trolley from the boat behind. Murk feels now is the time to drink like there’s no tomorrow. Bloody dog.


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