Allez Le Tour!

We lost our neighbours and gained a view. The river has been busy, cruisers flying up from York MarinaYork and trip boats packed out. The city is alive with everything French and anything yellow. Post boxes have been sealed, fencing positioned, potholes filled and drains double cleaned. With so much sport about it was difficult to choose what and when. We ended up watching the today’s stage finish back at the National Railway Museum where they had a big screen set up in the old station. Stony silence followed the big YorkCavendish crash. big screen York

Flying from the caravan: 60,000 bags of HARIBO from Pontefract

Elbowing children out the way for a yellow boat balloon, we returned home to fYork Minsterind next door had transformed their Jim (no Rosie) by stripping him and colouring his top half yellow before hoisting him up the aerial. Next up, they had a balloon too. Then came bunting…who says there’s no keeping up with Jones’ in narrowboat world? Made from the Yorkshire TourYork Guide our bunting won’t withstand a shower and isn’t anywhere near atour de frances beautiful as our neighbours’ but it’s up and it’s yellow.

The caravan measures 12km in length and takes 40 minutes to passmoored in York

Still deciding what time to get up, judging by the 4am starts some people made for Leeds we won’t be anywhere near the front.

Flying froNational Railway Museum Tour de France big screenm the caravan: 5 million tea bags from Taylors of Harrogate vive le tour

All really quiet last night and tonight has started the same way apart from the geese who are getting a rough time from some idiots with a laser.




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