White Icing

leaving YorkBakers were back selling white iced buns and the bunting was coming down, time to go. Unchained,Bishopthorpe Palace untied, we verbally handed over our mooring to another boat before sweeping out, and round, and off. Leaving York felt more final than leaving most places – returning without the city painted yellow would be wrong and flood defences are a constant reminder of how tricky it can be to get here. Right up there as a favourite, York has been a great narrowboat York clean upstop off.SAND

Desperately in need of water, with washing up piled in the sink we travelled down river, thinking happy thoughts of a hassle free water point at the end. Past York Marina then Bishopthorpe Palace, it wasn’t so long before pulling in at Nayburn. With today’s boats just dropping through the lock for their river run, we York clean upgot the water tank filling and the washing machine on.

Everyone must de-sand at Nayburn. Living on a narrowboat has it’s downsides but there’s definitely something to be said for zofloraing every single surface and wall in under two and a half hours.

After long showers and with a grit free boat we’re ready for our spin on the river.