The Selby Spin

Nayburn LockSomehow what not to get on in back of Nayburn Lockthe day flew by. Our 5.15 Nayburn Lock booking began an hour early as only one sluice was working which meant a very slow, millimetre by millimetre, emptying lock. Out onto the tidal section, we seemed to be pushing against the water, perhaps the tide hadn’t quite turned. The boat in front soon left us for dust and it dawned on us that almost 15 miles without much tidal assistance was going to take a very long time so we sped up, the engine got a workout. Barely two miles in andtidal section River Ouse the clouds bucketed it down, huge rain – even the drainage channels along the roof couldn’t keep up. We stood like drowned rats watching big river stuff pass by.

boat turning for Selby LockClothes changed and fire lit things began to cheer up. The boat that blew us away had come back into sight and the tide had picked up carrying us a little. Plenty of enormous passing Selby Lock to turnobstacles bobbed about, round the final bend we figured the flow didn’t seem too fast and decided the notorious Selby Lock turn should be okay. The boat in front went first before moving into the lock, it’s strange motoring past a lock space supposedly for you. A couple of minutes later we’d turned, straightened into the flow and moved into our lock slot. It was pretty good fun and didn’t even register on the scaryometer but conditions couldn’t have been kinder and the engine behaved very well.




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