Sunny River

North YorkshireAire and CalderTurning out from the Selby Canal onto the Aire and Calder it was lovely to be free of weedy water. The wind was gusting and motoring upstream the whole big water experience felt quite exhilarating, with sunshine thrown in too we finally moored and lit the barbecue feeling as though we’d been whipped through an outward bound water world. As the sun went down we realised the factory opposite was probably going to run all night and also spotted quite a few air riffle shots on the Canal and River Trust sign, but after forcing our eyes to stay open for the penalty shoot outs we fell asleep and didn’t hear a thing.

Shorts again today – read it and weep you soft southernerCastlefords! Another long river run before returning through the flood gates at Castleford and crossing over to new waters. Passing a lock now only used by permanent moorers at The White Rose Boat Club we quickly tied at the lock landing to make lunch, Nick disappeared and after a while I began peering around the base of the boat on the off-chance he’d taken a tumble and was bobbing about down there while I was eating crisps. No nasty slips, Nick reappeared from the boat club with a Calder and Hebble spike, the very kind people haCalder and Hebble spiked got their chain saw out, sliced a chunk of wood to shape and refused to take a penny for their trouble. Will try not to loose this one.Aire and Calder

The Aire and Calder continues to be brilliant for water points and most locks come complete with a long stretch of beautifully maintained visitor moorings. By 3pm having just risen through another big lock under blue sky and sunshine we decided to pull over for some roof top sunbathing. Still water and sun-baked fresh bedding tonight, winter radiator drying feels a world away.


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  1. Wendy says:

    Lucky you – we’ve got ours on!! xx

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