Wet ‘n’ Wild Stalyvegas

Staly DipNick reached an all time high for narrowboat showers in a day. There was the usual morning shower,Huddersfield Narrow another when lock work got too hot and the pre-barbecue shower. Oh yes, and the after falling in the canal shower. Right in. Head under.

It had seemed odd when he leapt off, windlass in-hand declaring ‘Let’s do Stalyvegas!’ Seconds later he’d done it in style. A Stalybridgespectacular fall, more in its simplicity than anything else. Used to Murk launching himself at water just lately, I looked up at what seemed a simple walk of the wall. For the tinsiest moment I smiled figuring, ‘Huh, Nick jumbarbecue on Peak Forestped in,’ before realising it was very very unlikely he’d do that. Helped out by a sweet passer-by, he was re-showered and back out on the paddles in no time. At least the dip was top side of Stalybridge, the water gets muckier as the town gathers pace.

No two ways about it, the last (or first depending how you tackle it) day of the Huddersfield Narrow is quite a tough one. Locks are stiff and take time but more than half the trip is rurWeaver's Rest - Portland Basin, Ashtonal and bursting with greenery. Stalybridge visitor moorings were empty despite the town being a hive of mid-summer activity. We moved on through Portland Basin, where having spoken to a Canal and River Trust area manager further up the canal, we reluctantly turned left onto the Peak Forest. The air stayed warm as the sun began to set, barbecue lit, we motored on away from the Ribble Link route – it can wait and so can we.


4 Comments on “Wet ‘n’ Wild Stalyvegas”

  1. Adam says:

    Well done on getting the dripping picture. Most people are too concerned (or too busy laughing) to pick up a camera when someone falls in!

    When are you due at the Ribble Link? It’s a mere extra 74 miles, 38 locks, and 34 hours going the long way round…

    • Emma says:

      Ha ha, no to the long way round ! The guy we spoke to yesterday did say he’d look into the possibility of pushing our link back but not holding out too much hope.
      There was an in the water shot too but sadly too far away!

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