Water Forces Move

Hovis Mil - MacclesfieldWater forced us from our lovely Higher Poynton mooring in the end. The tank couldn’t canalside shop Higher Poyntonhave had much left although other than a few initial caremoored at Higher Poyntonfree gallons we were careful with our consumption – to the point that we might have pulled away with a quarter of tank but with no gauge it’s impossible to know. An in-line gauge could be on the wish list.

The weather has been ridiculously hot and we’ve trundled oveBollington Mill - Macclesfield canalr the hills into Lyme Park just about every which way there is. With boats continually passing by and afternoon trips to the tuck shop for sweets straight from the 1970’s we’d have happily stayed another day, such a lovely place to be.Macclesfield canal

With no locks ahead we set off into plenty of traffic, every bridge is a winner, reversing guaranteed.  On past Bollington Mill it didn’t seem long before tying up in Macclesfield and heading off in search of a supermarket. Not the closest supermarket, it’s not canalside at all, it was a rucksack mission with quite a heavy load due to the little foodsnake bridge Macclesfield canal we had left onboard.

Finally onto the waterpoint, Macclesfield canalwater rushing into the tank sounded great. The remainder of the afternoon turned into a bit of a battle to find a tv signal given there was so much good sport on. We’d moored five times in total when Suzi Perry finally stopped talking like a robot or disappearing altogether.