The Orange Stuff

Hall Green stop lockThe Macclesfield fizzled out at Hall Green stop lock, which was a shame as we like it a lot. Rivalry between the Macclesfield and Trent & Mersey canal companies meant there were originally two stop locks and two lock cottages complete with two lock keepers who kept beady eyes on the water.

The next section of waterway is the canal equivalent of a Curly Wurly, aqueducts looping over locks with arms branching off here the and everywhere, the more I think about it the less obvious it becomes but fortunately map reading is Nick’s department. Orange Harecastle water even smelt of the tunnel today and there Macclesfield canalwas lots of it….flowing over gates, lapping onto the towpath and transforming run-of-the-mill bridges into chimney crunchers. The mysterious quantities of the orange stuff was the main topic of conversation for anyone near the top of Heartbreak Hill.

Woweee, the clockwise Four Coutop of Heartbreak Hillnties queues were long, which made for an easy life going anti-clockwise on the ring, twin locks also made for a speedy journey as one or other was always brimming with water. The sun came out so bemoored on Heartbreak Hilling in no rush we moored up opposite a farm then lost ourselves in the usual things you do at home – with the unusual addition of a herd of cows dawdling past the kitchen window for milking, then back a little while later for more grass. Murk is snoring, after five hours of boatside sitting he feels he’s put in a good day on dog duty.



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