After The Flashes

River WeaverA walk up to Vale Royal Abbey, now partly morphed into a golf club house (probably not the way Prince Edward planned his master build to turn out) left Murk nicely tireRiver Weaverd. A boat passed by which was too good an opportunity to miss, so we made a speedy departure and joined it in the lock. The river was the liveliest we’ve seen it today – Northwichstill not madly busy but it was interesting to see a few more boats dotted about on the water.

Not far to Northwich, we came to moor next to another couple who stood waiting to take our ropes, it was late afternoon by the time we all stopped talking. With just enough time left before the Artisan Market shut down we dashed up into the town and wandered through the long line of stalHayhurst swing bridge Northwichls.

Only on reaching thRiver Weavere centre of Northwich again did it dawn on us that despite being tranquil there’s a bit of an empty feeling – enough to send a shiver down your spine, up by those flashes.