On And Up

Thanks for the photo Brian!

Thanks for the photo Brian!

A beautiful morning to travel up the Weaver, with Bertha’s last gusts whipping holding moorings for boat liftthrough leaves and reeds, the whole world seemed to be shifting. Pulling in at the Anderton Boat Lift we only had a half hour wait before our turn to rise, meanwhile Alton arrived and despite having recently filled up with Brian and Ann Marie, it seemed a bit crackers not to top up when we were both there waiting for time to tick by – buying a spare BWAnderton Boat Lift key was also a good thing as we’ve discovered owning only one can lead to obsessing over its whereabouts.

It was great sharing the lift with a proper boat, with one eye shut blocking out our garish solar panel, the whole experience was like a step back in time.

*~*Citroen’s logo came from the cog gear they produced for the Anderton Boat Lift*~*

Turning right and out onto the canal things were instantly busy with most moorings taken and Trent and Merseyplenty of boats on the move. The washing machine was hard at it with a tank full of water from The River Weaver, which despite being not very far at all, seems a world away once the lift has worked its magic.

With no destination in mind it was the weather that decided tonight’s place for sleeping – black heavy sky saw us rummaging for the mooring pins, the rain came tumbling down soon afterwards.


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