Splendid Pants

Trent and MerseyWith everyone moving off, the flash soon cleared out as last night’s residents went their separate ways. A narrow stretch at the best of times, foliage has gone wild making it even trickier to spot oncoming boats – of which we Trent and Merseymet plenty.

Arriving at Middlewich ‘Big Lock’  two boats emerged from the gates meaning we’d lucked out. Great fun passing the Chance guys merrily flying their PANTS through the town…pleas not to photograph the washing made the clothes horse sooo much more appealing – needless to say the washing was of the highest standards, no off whites or dingy greys and the precision pegging was a work of Chance guysart in itself. Some of the best washing on the network, for sure. Looking forward to catching up properly and doing London Chance style!

Prepared for long queues in Middlewich we were surprised to find a bit of  ghost town, with every single Andersen hire boat out, there wasn’t a boat in sight. At Kings Lock the bow thruster button had a trip into the chandlers due to it’s temperamental illuminating behaviour. Discovering that exact version doesn’t exist anymore and a new one would cost a fair whack the old one was screwed back in place and we chugged on. Who Kings Lock Middlewichneeds a lit button anyhow?

Back on the Four Counties Ring a good few hire boaters frantically wound paddles in desperatiMiddlewich Kings Lockon to stay ‘on track’, ‘keep to the schedule’ and ‘not fall behind’. One poor family were even nursing a sickness bug right the way round the loop. Ew.

Wheelock moorings were practically full but having just squeezed on the end Nick sat back in the lazy boy and looked up at the motorway flying over the bridge. Thankfully he seems to have lost interest in his Eddie Stobart lorry count.