Fradley JunctionWith Fradley just around the corner it wasn’t long before we were at the top lock, where I managed a measly half lock before being unable to budge one of the bottom gates. Down through lines of moored boats we turned right onto the Coventry. One wash wasStreethay Wharf already coming to an end so we topped with water, dropped some bins and got another load on the go.

It’s a while since we were through this way, as usual I remeCoventry canal kindlingmber hardly any of it and Nick remembers every twist and turn, so is constantly shocked at my blankness.

Streethay Wharf always seems to be bustling with activity. With no locks for miles the Coventry appears a popular route, we must have seen more boats clean sheetson the move today than we did in the entire time up on the Hudderfield canals.

Just on past some old farm buildings we moored up, an idyllic spot mentally logged by Nick from last time through – starting out he had wanted to mark every mooring in Nicholson but was banned on the grounds of boring, but it’s all stashed away successfully anyhow, which to be fair does minimise the nights spent in gbeddingrotty spots. Coventry canal

The sort-out somehow escalated as the day went on and by late afternoon inside was chaos, the towpath strewn with stuff and the boat covered in soap. Clean sheets tonight – wahey – pretty sure we didn’t ever appreciate that quite so much when we had endless water and a machine that washed and dried everything at the touch of a button.