Early Winter

FazeleyThe Eberspacher has been playing up again – nothing new there but it did mean each morning came with a choice between a cold shower or travelling a while until the engine warmed the tank. This morning was beyond chilly for August so we set off anFazeleyd ducked in for showers along the way. Chimneys were smoking, boaters out chopping kindling and everyone hidden beneath layers of clothes, most passing conversations involved the temperature with some unthinkable suggestions of an early winter. No way.

Alvecote rallyFazeley has been transformed since our last trip through with the old wharf now converted into housing. A bit of a back log tailed from Glascote Locks, where we muddled through with an interesting bunch, finally emerging from the top of surprisingly only two locks feeling quite bamboozled, wondering if we’d slipped into a parallel world for a short while. The remainder of the day was mainly a splattering of residential, a little countryside and a colourful flash of historic working boats waiting for theAlvecote rally to get underway.

...the spare bits

…the spare bits

Finally tied up it was a relief to find the fire going well and a lovely warm boat, which got Nick thinking time had arrived for the Eberspacher’s most drastic cut and shut to date…plenty of drilling and rebuilding later the unit was back in place and making its usual unsettling fire up sound – hey presto, a full cycle later the radiators were piping hot. Diagnostics reported a faulty overheat sensor, it seems there’s no end to the Eberspacher’s capability of going wrong. Meanwhile I waxed the boat in readiness for winter?


2 Comments on “Early Winter”

  1. Wendy says:

    No – not yet! September is going to be lovely xxxxxxx

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