Junction Jam

Coventry canalThe day began rural and quiet then became busier, verging on slightly crazy at some points as time went on. Disturbing a good few SCoventry canalunday fishermen we moved through rolling hills and fields of golden corn before disappearing into Nuneaton where quaint bridges were replaced with bold concrete expanses, views cut short by houses and factories.

Marston Junction heaved under the pressure of boats turning onto, and out of the Ashby canal. With one boater seemingly unable to find reverse we watched a stand-off unfold as moStar Line Boats Nuneatonre and more boats arriveMarston Junctiond producing an ever increasing audience.

On towards Hawkesbury Junction before stopping for a water fill – which took forever due to our ongoing washathon. Turning under the grand iron bridge we worked the stop lock with hire boaters who were absolHawkesbury Junctionutely horrified to hear their next manoeuvre was a 180 degree turn, under the bRose and Castle moorings Anstyridge, in front of a busy pub of bank holiday drinkers.

Leaving the Coventry canal behind we began the Oxford, which instantly felt deeper and less manic. Moored outside the Rose and Castle tonight, the swings and slide look so empty and forgotten without the Milky Bar Kids running riot…oh my…could we be missing you??


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